Department of Correctional Services Learnerships

Department of Correctional Services Learnerships, the Republic of South Africa (RSA) and the Department of Correctional Services (DCS) offers a learnership program in Correction Services. The DCS wants all people to join in the Correctional Services Learnership, this includes people with relevant qualifications, interests and from any background. The program will provide equal NQF Level 4 for their learners and they will get a further education and training certificate (FET) on completion.

The Corrections and human development teaches students/learners in the field of rehabilitation of offenders. It is under the supervision of community-based correctional services. The Correctional Services Learnership is all based on the legal concord between service providers, learners, and employers.

Correctional Services wants to help give talented candidates the opportunity to continue their studies in the correctional services field. Every year, selected candidates are awarded Correctional Services Learnerships.

Correctional Services Learnership Available

Career fields:

  • Prison Warden
  • Security Officer
  • Corrections Officer

What does The Correctional Services Learnership Program have to Offer their Candidates?

The program runs over a period of 12 months and as soon as it’s been successfully completed the candidates will gain a correctional service NQF Level 4 certificate. Throughout the 12 months, all candidates will receive theoretical and practical training. All candidates will learn about providing security and safety to the prisoners, as well as firearm training, and rehabilitation of the prisoners. All candidates will also learn about self-defense and more.

All the Costs Covered by the Learnership

All selected candidates must sign a learnership contract for the period of their learnership. No payment placements are guaranteed. Throughout the twelve-month period, all candidates will receive accommodation, meals, a uniform and all needed training material for the first part of the learnership, this is the theory part. Candidates need to have their own transport, meals, and accommodation during the workplace training period. All candidates will get a monthly payment during their learnership year.

Advantages of the Correctional Services Learnership

The English language is used as the main language in the FET Certificate in Correctional Services Learnership during the learnership program. Learners will have the opportunity to improve their working experience, knowledge, and skills in the area of corrections.

The learnership program teaches a lot of things that relates to law and order. All candidates will have first-hand experience and can get involved; this is the main reason for their expanded knowledge about the law within South Africa. The program gives education practically and theoretically so that the candidates are ready to face any kinds of law problems within the society.

The Department Correctional Services Vacancies Learnership gives their candidates a clear picture of how the Correctional Services control the system. The Correctional Services normally manage the prisons. The Correctional Services Learnership also teaches about firearms in intensive basis, physical workout, and self-defense.

Correctional Services Learnership Requirements

Needed Requirements

  • Candidates have to be a citizen of South African
  • You have to have a grade 12 Certificate
  • If you do not have a grade 12 Certificate, then you can use a Further Education and Training Certificate
  • If you do not possess either of the two, you can use a successfully completed Certificate in
    Vocational Studies


  • Candidates have to be older than twenty-one and younger than thirty-five years’ old
  • You cannot have any criminal records (If you do have an unlawful case against you, you have to make sure you give all needed details when you apply)
  • Your character has to be strong
  • Candidates will be awarded preference, only if the candidate has additional qualifications; for example, a degree or diploma related to Corrections/Security, Occupational-based or trade Certificate.

Correctional Services Learnership Application

All candidates can visit the Department of Correctional Services Website for information about this Government Department. Candidates can find the application form under the Forms Tab and there candidates will see forms for internships, as well as forms for learnerships.

Candidates can download an application by selecting their learnership tab or click here. As soon as the application has loaded, save it to your computer and then print it out to complete the application form.

Submit your signed and completed form, but make sure you have attached all needed documentation before handing it in to the regional offices of the Correctional Services in your area. Additionally, you must also specify the area you are applying to on the application. This can be a reference number and area such as Freestate/Groenpunt or Gauteng/Leeuwkop. All late, unsigned applications and applications with missing documentation will not be accepted.

Correctional Services Learnership Closing Date

The Correctional Services Learnership does not have a specified closing and opening date. All candidates can download an application, fill it in and submit it to any local Department of Correctional Services.

Applications for Correctional Services will only open late in the year, usually around November or December. You can check the Vacancies page on the DCS website to check whether their learnership programe is available.