PSYSSA Internship Programme 2022

PSYSSA Internship Programme 2022

PSYSSA Internship Programme 2022 Applicants are invited to apply for the PSYSSA internship programme.

PSYSSA has been in operation from 1994. It came to standing by uniting the separate unities that stood before, within the mental and psychosocial health industry. The focus of this structure is to assess and deal with issues related to the well-being of all South African citizens.

This company has dedicated its work to aiding and enabling the reconstruction of the post-apartheid structures within South Africa. It aims at making an impact by mounting and solving the human development issues faced by the country. They consult Government, private and civil society, as well as all legislative bodies on the effects and solutions within the fast-shifting issues affecting South African’s and society.

In 2014 their student division came into standing. This allows psychology students to participate in dialogue with management councils, to be associated with the company and gain admission to data concerning the company. This, in turn, enables students to engage in student-to-student mentoring, along with exposure on a national scale of the psychology industry.

PHYSSA offers talented candidates an exceptional opportunity to learn first-hand about the industry in many fields.

PSYSSA Internships Fields

PSYSSA Internships offers selected candidates opportunities in fields associated with psychology.

PSYSSA Internships Available

For more detail on what this company does and offers, interested candidates, can visit their website.

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