South African Parliament Internship Opportunities 2018

South African Parliament Internship Opportunities 2018

South African Parliament Internship Opportunities 2018, Parliament of South Africa (RSA) is contributing towards skills development by providing graduates with opportunities to gain work experience in various areas.

Applications from unemployed graduates are invited for internship opportunities for 12 months. Applicants must have the relevant Degree/Diploma.

Successful interns are expected to enter into a 12 month contract. The successful candidate will be provided with the opportunity to gain experience in various business areas within the organisation.

Parliament’s vision is to build an effective People’s Parliament, thereby sourcing talent that can be nurtured, developed and retained to achieve its organizational objective.

Applications are invited from candidates in the following study fields: 

Business Area: Language Services
Minimum qualification B Degree in Languages/ Applied Linguistics or Language Education
Reference Code: LS-03
Business Area: Legal Services
Minimum qualification: LLB
Reference Code: LS-02
Business Area: Research Services
Minimum qualification: Honours in the Humanities, Commerce, Science, Health Sciences
Reference Code: RS-02
Business Area: Public Education
Minimum qualification: Education Degree with a Major in Political Science
Reference Code: PE-01
Business Area: Parliamentary Committees
Minimum qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in any field related to Committee work, e.g. Public Administration
Reference Code: PC-03
Business Area: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
Minimum qualification: B.Sc. in Computer Science, B Com in Information Systems (with a focus on business analysis, business process mapping or systems development); Diploma in IT, National Diploma in IT: Multi-Media applications
Reference Code: ICT-03
Business Area:
Minimum qualification: B Tech in Electrical Engineering / National Diploma in Electrical Engineering/Broadcast Engineering
Reference Code: BSE-01


Business Area: Business Management
Minimum qualification: Honours Degree in any Business, Strategy, Monitoring and Evaluation related area
Reference Code: BM-01
Business Area: Internal Audit
Minimum qualification: National Diploma in Internal Audit ( BTech, added advantage)
Reference Code: IA-03
Business Area: Parliamentary Budget Office (Public Finance)
Minimum qualification: M.Com (Economics) ▪ M.Com ( Development Economics) ▪ Masters ( PPE) ▪ Masters in Finance or Masters in the field of Accounting
Reference Code: PBO-02
Business Area: International Relations
Minimum qualification: BA Honours in Politics/ International Relations / Development Studies or a Degree/Diploma in Public Administration
Reference Code: IR-01
Business Area: Political Science/Communication
Minimum qualification: Masters in Political Science; B. Degree or Diploma in Communication
Reference Code: PS-02
Business Area: Communication, Multi Media and Information Science
Minimum qualification: B degree (e.g. B.Tech/BA) or National Diploma in Journalism, Communication, Public Relations, Marketing, Graphic Design, Film and Television Production, Photography, Archiving/ Library and Information Science
Reference Code: CMMIS-04
Business Area: Communication, Multi Media and Information Science
Minimum qualification: BCom in Accounting/Financial Management : BCom with Training and Development Speciality
Reference Code: MF-02
Business Area: Member’s Facilities
Minimum qualification: BCom in Accounting/Financial Management : BCom with Training and Development Speciality
Reference Code: MF-02
Business Area: Procedural Services
Minimum qualification: B Degree (Law; Political Science, Public Administration)
Reference Code: PS-03
Business Area: Human Resources
Minimum qualification: Degree/Honours in HRM, Behavioural Psychology related field
Reference Code: HR-01
Business Area: Financial Management
Minimum qualification: Degree/Diploma in Financial Management/Accounting
Reference Code: FMO-02
Business Area: Supply Chain Management
Minimum qualification: Degree/Diploma in Supply Chain Management & Logistics
Reference Code: SCM-03
Business Area: Legislative Sector Support
Minimum qualification: B Degree in Public Management
Reference Code: LSS-02
Business Area: Institutional Support
Minimum qualification: Degree/Diploma in Facilities Management and Fleet Management
Reference Code: ISS-02
Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.
Closing date is 9 April 2018 at 16h30.Forward your CV, containing full personal and career details, certified copies of qualifications and ID to clearly reflecting the reference number and name of the position you are applying for in all communication. Candidates, who do not submit supporting documentation as requested will not be considered.

Parliament reserves the right not to make an appointment.If you do not receive any response within two months of the closing date, please accept that your application has been unsuccessful. Regret correspondence will only be with the interviewed candidates.

N.B. Parliament is an equal opportunity employer and would therefore be guided by the principles of Employment Equity when considering the applications. People living with disabilities are encouraged to apply.